Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bubble Gum Bubble Dress Tutorial (seriously cute!)

This dress eventuated when i was trying to get house work done last weekend. So I'm folding washing and i pick up a dress of Miss S's about to fold it when i hold it out and think mmmmmmm this would be a really easy dress to sew and adapt into something fun. So house work it completely out the window until i  finish this because i was in the zone! Kids were all having rests/sleeps, so perfect timing.

As Ive said before I'm not an experienced sewer at all but i like to add fun elements to simple designs. Also i like my girl to be wearing outfits that are sometimes unique. I had this cute stretch knit sitting around and the colours reminded me of bubble gum so hence the name Bubble Gum Bubble dress.

This is my first tutorial so bear with me- i stopped taking photos half way through making it as i decided i was to chicken to post it, but i had a change of heart and decided its to cute not to share! The dress is so simple and easy that i thought i would share it for any other mums out there that are novice sewers and want to make something cute for their daughters :) So here goes, please let me know if something is not clear, ive tried to explain as best as i could :)


1 Metre of Knit fabric
50-80 cm's of 1/4" elastic (depending on how bubbly you want it pays to have more than you think you will need)
Sewing machine

Forgive the gory colours of the cutting line- but you get the general idea

So this is where i stopped taking photos but its pretty simple from here. I did find that once I had sewn the ruffles on that the neck line had stretched out a bit and it hung down lower that I would like so to compensate for this I just did a little tuck in the back on the neck and sewed in place (you cant notice it to much and it just lifts the neck line up a bit).

Once your happy with the neckline and ruffles its time to join the dress at the sides. Now comes the bubble part of the Bubble Gum Bubble Dress- sew your hem  1/2" like your finishing the dress off but leave a gap to thread your elastic through. Use what elastic you have that will suit and thread it all the way through the bottom of the dress. Try it on your daughter if possible and pull the elastic until it makes the dress puff out in a cute bubble kind of way. Secure your elastic and close up the gap. 

Magic! One cute little dress ready for your missy moo to prance, dance and play in!

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  1. very cute! and well done! It looks great on your Miss 6 :)