Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Baby Blanket

I have wanted to make a blanket for the new babies bed for a while now.  I have had many many ideas swirling around in my head, fabrics, appliques, the possibilities were endless. I wanted to make something that was practical, within my sewing capabilities and something special just for him. I wanted to use good quality fabrics so i would last and be something that can stay with him as he grows.

 I scoured my favorite blogs and crafting sites to find a tutorial that was easy to follow but still challenged me enough so i would learn something new when i found the Beginners Baby Blanket @ Prudent Baby.  Looks like something i could do but while I'm not a total novice at sewing i have stuck to quick, safe and simple projects up till now.  

I spent many hours sifting through suitable fabrics at Spotlight trying not to be to safe and predictable when i found this gorgeous dotted fabric with lovely not quite pastel tones. Having never made a blanket before I'm still learning about the different batting that can go in the middle but decided not to bother since it was a) coming into summer here in New Zealand and b) i was using a lovely fleecy knit fabric for the backing.

Turned out to be a big learning curve for me but i think for my first go its not to bad. I had a really hard time with the binding, if  i was to do it again i would have practiced first so i knew what i was in for. It wasn't hard, just fiddly and i think it says alot to have a lovely finish to something you make, and ill admit i like to take the easy way most of this time and lose my patience frequently with my sewing machine.

Turns out good things really do take time! After  spending what seemed like hours unpicking and unpicking after my shocking attempt at the bias binding and then nearly giving up and just "leaving as it was" it was all worth it when i was able to snuggle him up in bed with something i made with my own hands. 

It is definitely not perfect by any means- but close enough for me:)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bare room, Busy Mum!

I have been frantically trying to make the new babies room less bare. Unfortunately I wasn't very organised before he was born, not to mention he was two weeks early, so while this left me in a fluster it also got my creative juices running thinking about what i could create.

I don't really fancy generic baby rooms, girls in pink and boys in blue. Id rather see something unique and fun, I love miss matched colours and textures and something that suits a baby but they can also grown into.

So my first project was to get some thing in his room that will serve a purpose as well as looking nice, a mobile. I'm pretty happy with the result, the contrast of solid red wooden beads against the black and white book text.

I couldn't wait to hang it up in Blake's room, and he seems to like it too, staring at it contently as it spins above his head.

Next the baby blanket!

- Lisa