Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things i Love Sunday

My first and biggest love is family, the say you can chose you friends but not your family- well i got really lucky because i think i have the best family in the world.

 My kids are crazy but they keep me real, my sister is my best friend, my mum is kooky and supportive and mostly non judgmental and the best nana in the world and last but not least my partner who balances me to a T, he is my rock and i wouldnt be anywhere without him, he puts up with my crap and i love him to bits, he is a great dad and shares the work load. So heres to my family! Love you all :)

I thought I would share a little bit about the things i love in the form of a photograph every Sunday. Hopefully portraying my passion and style of photography :) Enjoy

My Sister and her beautiful daughter Sadie

My Ms S and Mr B - Both growing up way to fast

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Win a free Photo Session!!!

Well i thought i'd start the New Year off with a bang! I am offering a free session to my 100th liker on my Face book page. I have kept myself busy photographing gorgeous kids and families since i have taken on this whole photography thing and i'm so pleased with how its going. I have received great feedback so far so this brings me to offer a free session for my 100th liker!

So suggest away to your friends in face book land that may like some portraits taken of their children or as a family. The photo session will be within Hamilton at an agreed time and location, So even if you don't live in Hamilton and you are my 100th  liker  you can always gift the session forward to some you know within the area that would love some gorgeous portraits of their children/family :)