Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birth- A sisters perspective

Today I was witness to the birth of my Niece. I fight back the tears when i think how proud i am of my little sister for delivering this baby naturally when all the odds seemed stacked against her. From around 28 weeks this little girl has other ideas about her entrance into the world she happily lay breech and then transverse. After 2 ECV's failed to turn this baby around and the words C-section and heart shaped uterus were thrown around- with no one actually talking to my sister and her husband about what was happening she was "booked" for an elective C-Section without her knowledge. I can proudly say that my new Niece is as stubborn as her mother and with the guidance of her very awesome and experienced  midwife was fully informed and supported to delivery this baby vaginally, breech!

I know in my heart of hearts that if someone had offered me a C-Section for any of my three births  i most likely would have taken that option especially if the baby was breech. I am so proud of my sister for taking this whole process in her stride and letting what will be, be. For giving it her all and wowing all the delivery suite nurses and baby doctors of what can be done with the right guidance and support and intervention when necessary. As i stepped out the door of the birthing room at the hospital  i could hear the nurses down the corridor saying "she delivered the baby breech", Yep i think, that's MY sister- she did it!

So welcome to this crazy world Miss Sadie (6lbs, 11oz). You were adored before you were even here and now that you are I love you like you were my own. Well done to my brilliant baby sister and her husband and thank you for letting me be apart of today!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Well I finally did it! (and i'm a little bit scared)

I cannot repeat over how much I love photography, like I have said before it is my hobby (not for long) and my passion.

I love that you can capture a moment and remember it in the way of a picture forever. I love the story you can tell from a simple shot , I love candid photos that really show the soul and personality of a person. I think, breath and dream photography at the moment and i have been dreaming of a way to take this further.

 But i have to admit i am a little scared about being out there as a photographer, i'm scared of other expectations and that i will let myself down! But i have done it anyway! I have created an official face book page in the name of lisa dorothy photography. Yes i am self taught and yes i am still learning but i have taken enough photos to know what I like and what I love.

So for now I am doing portraits for friends and family at no cost to gain more experience and i hope to attend an outdoor lighting workshop in December to clarify all the techniques and ideas I have whizzing around in my head.

I am constantly taking photo upon photo in different lighting situations, changing settings on my camera here there and everywhere it amazing how much we learn when we "do". So this is me taking a leap, feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

Come on over to Face book and have a look at my work maybe you will "like" what you see :)