Monday, November 1, 2010

Well I finally did it! (and i'm a little bit scared)

I cannot repeat over how much I love photography, like I have said before it is my hobby (not for long) and my passion.

I love that you can capture a moment and remember it in the way of a picture forever. I love the story you can tell from a simple shot , I love candid photos that really show the soul and personality of a person. I think, breath and dream photography at the moment and i have been dreaming of a way to take this further.

 But i have to admit i am a little scared about being out there as a photographer, i'm scared of other expectations and that i will let myself down! But i have done it anyway! I have created an official face book page in the name of lisa dorothy photography. Yes i am self taught and yes i am still learning but i have taken enough photos to know what I like and what I love.

So for now I am doing portraits for friends and family at no cost to gain more experience and i hope to attend an outdoor lighting workshop in December to clarify all the techniques and ideas I have whizzing around in my head.

I am constantly taking photo upon photo in different lighting situations, changing settings on my camera here there and everywhere it amazing how much we learn when we "do". So this is me taking a leap, feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

Come on over to Face book and have a look at my work maybe you will "like" what you see :)


  1. Beautiful shots! And good on you for taking the plunge! I know how scary it can be and there will be times where you may be tempted to give up but its so awesome doing something you love. so yay! go you!

  2. Thank you for the kind words! And yes is it about doing something i love, words cant express just how much i love photography but maybe it will be seen in my work :)

  3. Good for you! It's always so hard to put ourselves out there especially where we feel most vulnerable. You have great talent. Good luck and blessings in your new journey! The hard part's already over! Let the fun begin.