Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bare room, Busy Mum!

I have been frantically trying to make the new babies room less bare. Unfortunately I wasn't very organised before he was born, not to mention he was two weeks early, so while this left me in a fluster it also got my creative juices running thinking about what i could create.

I don't really fancy generic baby rooms, girls in pink and boys in blue. Id rather see something unique and fun, I love miss matched colours and textures and something that suits a baby but they can also grown into.

So my first project was to get some thing in his room that will serve a purpose as well as looking nice, a mobile. I'm pretty happy with the result, the contrast of solid red wooden beads against the black and white book text.

I couldn't wait to hang it up in Blake's room, and he seems to like it too, staring at it contently as it spins above his head.

Next the baby blanket!

- Lisa

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